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Photo Guidelines For Your Airbnb Rental

How To Prepare Your condominium for a successful Airbnb rental business? To ensure your Airbnb short-term rental business is playing out successfully you need some advance preparations to gain good reviews and provide your potential guests the comfort they expect.

Consider To Go Shopping As The First Step To Success

Airbnb requires some standard items that should be available in every condo listed on their Platform. Those are small investments that make your condo a convenient stay for your guests, and when your guests are pleased with their stay, they are easily willing to leave a good review. In Thailand, many condos are full of little imperfections like having old and unusable cooking items, loose installments, weak wifi signals, etc. Those imperfections are easy to improve and they will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Equipping Your Kitchen

Have at least 4-6 cutlery sets including plates, cups, glasses, sharp kitchen knives, and everything that makes a holiday stay comfortable for individual travelers.

Clean & Matching Beddings

Provide at least one spare set of bedsheets and pillowcases for your guests, that makes it easier for you to change sheets promptly on request or after the checkout of your guests.

Bright Up Your Place

Make sure that all lightbulbs are working and have a comfortable color temperature. Think of some smaller side lights to give your guests  a relaxing ambiance at night.

Provide Amenities

Provide some basic amenities like soap and shampoo, that will leave a more professional impression and are essential in times of covid.

Electric Devices

Equip your condominium with some basic electric devices like a water kettle, microwave, hotplate, functional wifi router, and blow dryer.

Having Descriptive Photos

Accurate and appealing photos of your condo are the most impactful tool for your rental business, and will bring you ahead of your competitors.

Prepare For A Photo Shooting

With having all the necessary items in place, you can start to prepare your condominium for a photo shooting. Most of the items mentioned above should be visible in the photos as your potential guest will have a visual impression on what they can expected from the stay at your condomium.

Photo guideline on how to prepare  for a successful Airbnb rental business .

Preparing Your Kitchen

Go for a clean and decluttered kitchen that looks organized and welcoming. Clear the sink, remove any personal items from the kitchen including photos, fridge magnets, notes, etc. Arrange some kitchen machines on the counter in a tidy way. Make sure that the countertop and other surfaces are clean. Stage the Kitchen area with one small appliance, fresh fruit, small artwork, or maybe a cookbook, less is more! Hide all kinds of garbage cans. Don’t forget to check all light bulbs, and turn on all  light features your kitchen provides.

Real Estate Photographer providing property photography in Bangkok and Pattaya


Clean the floor and the furniture. Make sure that all light bulbs are working and have an equal color temperature. Declutter the dining table and straighten the chairs and make sure they are evenly spaced. Highlight one focal point, for example, a small flower or some small table decoration to freshen the space up. A fully set up and decorated table has also the benefit for serviced apartments and Airbnbs to show in one or two photos what kind of dishes and amenities are available in a fully furnished unit.

Interior photography of the lobby at the Windshell Condominium Bangkok


Another room with a point of interest for the buyers is the living room. To get started to prepare this room, is by decluttering the room. Minimize photos and personal items, to get a clean look at your living room. Set tables with simple place settings, less is more to keep the focus on the room. Remove furniture that might block the view or make the room look smaller. Check if all light bulbs work and have an equal color temperature. Ensure that glass doors, floors, mirrors, and windows are clean, especially in key areas of the room.

Airbnb photo guidelines for a successful photo shooting.


As a first importance, you should evacuate your own personal belongings, for example, photographs, and any other personal items you don’t want to be displayed in the photographs. Tidy up the floors, bed side tables, and furniture. Ultimately, the bed must be nicely  made,  utilize the best sheets you possess. Ensure that are lightbulbs are working and have a equal color temperature.

Property Preparation Guide. Get Ready For Real Estate Photography


Making the bathroom look beautiful means removing the everyday things that are  not aesthetically pleasant. Remove individual things like toothbrushes, hairdryers, shampoos, and other toiletries. Wipe  the counter and clean the floor and carpets. Set up tidy towels in the shower or at the bathtub. in addition, some small decorative items can transform the bathroom into a room with a welcoming atmosphere.

Property Photography Pattaya Thailand by professional photographer photographer


Preparing the exterior of your home is no less important than preparing the interior. In fact, the first photo that potential buyers or tenants see is in many cases an exterior photo of the property. To get started to prepare the exterior, hide garden tools, hoses, bikes, and garbage bins, as they can ruin the front exterior look of your property. If your property has a swimming pool, make sure the water is clean and the pool nightlights are working. Gutters and roofing should be clear of moss and weeds. Make sure that the light bulbs around the property are working.

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