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Set Up Your Hotel

For A Photo Shoot

How To Set Up Your Hotel For A Photo Shoot? To ensure your hotel marketing has the best images and attracts the most attention, follow these guidelines.

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Declutter Everything And Remove Unnecessary Items

Make Sure All Light Bulbs Are Working In All Rooms

Ensure the windows and mirrors are clean

Lawns and gardens are manicured, swept, and trimmed

Inform Your Entire Team About The Shooting Date

Stage Your Room With Flowers And Some Small Selected Items

Hotel Preparation Guide

It is worth the extra effort to spend some time planning and preparing for a hotel photo shoot, as a well-organized preparation of your hotel leads to better results. If you’ve been thinking about booking a photographer to photograph your hotel, to make sure the photoshoot is a success, here are some tips on how to best prepare your hotel to create stunning hotel photos.

Tips from a professional hotel photographer on how to get prepared for a hotel photo shooting.

Preparing Your Reception

Reception is often one of the most clutter-filled areas of a hotel. Credit and paying advice. Parking signage. Brochures. Check-in and check-out information. Newspapers. Luggage. Clocks. Get rid of as much  as possible so that surfaces are clear and organized, and anything not related to your own hotel brand should be removed from the desk, like OTA signs.

Set up you hotel function rooms for a photo shoot. Useful thoughts by a professional photographer.

PREPARING YOUR Function Spaces

As a first step discuss with your pr-team what set ups of your function rooms you want to have photographed. As it might cause a change of the set ups during the photo shooting, make sure all your staff is briefed an on demand to guarantee a fast process. Make sure that all props for your settings are clean and in presentable conditions.  Fresh flower help to add some color spots in huge function rooms. Brief your house technician team to be on demand for the shooting day.

Exterior photo of a hotel at night by the river in Bangkok, Thailand


Exterior shots are important but much depends on the time of day that you shoot. Try to either start at dawn or finish at dusk, to take advantage of the softer light for your exteriors. If you decide to shoot your exterior shots at night, it can also be effective you ‘light up your property as much as you can. It literally means having your staff race around and switch on every light they can; but if you can achieve this to full effect it will make your property glow with warmth and look vibrant, warm welcoming – exactly the effect you are after!

Set up your hotel for a photo shoot in Bangkok for best hotel photos


Declutter the reception desk. Fluff up and arrange some pillows at the seating areas. Clean the windows and all glass surfaces like mirrors and displays. Remove distracting items such as trash bins, OTA signs, excessive décor, and any other items that you don’t want to have represented in the  images.

Hotel preparation guide Free tips by a professional photographer.


The restaurant should be partly closed for your guests on the shooting day. If you planning to add Lifestyle photos to the shooting make sure your staff is briefed and properly dressed on the shooting day. Align all chairs and set up your table props on each table of the restaurant. Clean windows and any glass surface. Make sure that all light features are working and switch them on prior the shooting. Eventually prepare 1 or 2 signature dishes of your restaurant to be included in the photos.

Interior photo of a hotel room at Chatrium Hotel overlooking the Skyline of Bangkok, Thailand.


As a  luxury hotel brand, you might looking for a looser, interior design look; accessories like flowers, books and magazines, or some fruit plates may add some spots of color to your bedrooms . Hotels targeting business customers may choose  a more streamlined look with ironed bed linen, orderly pillows, and straight fold lines. Using props such as laptops can date an image very quickly, but can add some value to the overall appearance of the photos. Night shots can also add a more dramatic flair, in particular, if your rooms have balconies and cityscape views.

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