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Property Photography Service In Pattaya

Property Photography


Having descriptive property photography is essential in a highly oversaturated real estate market like Pattaya. No matter if you are looking to sell or rent out your property. With hundreds of properties being listed online, you need that “eyecatcher”, to get the right attention. Professional property photography plays a significant role in a holiday short-term rental market like Pattaya as good photos draw customers in and bad photos draw them away.

Property Photography Pattaya, Thailand
02 The Base Condominium Property Photography Pattaya 1


03 Real Estate Photography Pattaya Micha Schulte Photography 2


01 Property Photography Pattaya Thailand 3



07 Architecture Photography Bangkok Thailand 6
Professional architecture photography by Bangkok-based photographer.
Real estate photographer provides interior photography service in Bangkok, Thailand.
Interior photography by Bangkok-based real estate photographer.
Property photography captured by real estate photographer in Bangkok, Thailand.
Real estate photography Pattaya, Thailand. Property photography Pattaya
Interior photography done by a professional photographer in Bangkok.
Luxury property photography in Bangkok, Thailand by professional real estate photographer.
Luxury real estate photographer in Bangkok, Thailand.
Property photography in Pattaya, Thailand. Professional photographer for your real estate photos.
Terrace with sea view at the Cove Condominium in Pattaya, Thailand.
Exterior photo at sunset of a pool villa in Pattaya, Thailand.
Property photography in Pattaya, Thailand. Professional photographer for your property photos.
Interior photo of a dining room at The River Condominium in Bangkok, Thailand.
Real estate photography of a office room at The Windshell condominium in Bangkok, Thailand.
Property photo of a pool villa in Bangkok, Thailand captured at night.
1 bedroom apartment with city view at the Millennium Condominium in Bangkok, Thailand
Real estate photo of a Pool Villa at Night in Pattaya, Thailand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Process Like?

Step 1: Contact
Just send me an email via the Contact Page of my website or directly via Email. Or call me via Phone.

Step 2: Prepare the shoot
Clean your home and make it look tidy for the best possible results. To understand what to take into considerations when preparing your property for a photoshoot, please read my little guide on How To Prepare Your Property For A Photo Shooting, please read also my Business Terms

Step 3: The Shooting Day
The shooting duration will be Between 2-5 hours, depending on the size of your property. It is not necessary to be present at all times, but it's always nice if you tell me what I should focus on. If you are not staying in Thailand, I can arrange the shooting date with the management of your property for your convenience.

How Long Will The Shooting Take?

The shooting time of your property depends on the total square meters of your property. For 1-2 Bedroom Condos it will take about 2-3 hours in total to capture the interior and all facilities including exteriors. 

For larger properties like Townhouses and Villas it will take about 3-8 hours on location, depending on if sunset and night time shots are required for your property.

When And How Will I Receive My Edited Photos?

Photos will be delivered within 48 hours  after the photoshoot. The photos will be delivered via a Download link sent to your email. All photos are delivered at full resolution, as well as 72 dpi suitable for uploading to most property listings.

Can You Fix That In Photoshop?

Most likely, yes. For architectural shots, if there's anything that you would like to be altered, removed, replaced, or adjusted (common requests include the removal of cords, change of window views, removal of fire alarms, sprinklers, cracks, and anything not specified in the original design), let me know ahead of time and I can get it taken care of for you quite easily.

Do you provide staging/cleaning of the property?

In general, staging should be done prior to the shooting date, to ensure everything is set up to your personal satisfaction and your property is represented in the final photos in the way you want it to be represented. As a photographer I can make minor adjustments to the property to achieve the best possible results for the photo, this includes moving some furniture, opening/closing curtains, setting up a bathroom with towels, etc. As a rule of thumb, I expect the property to be clean and ready for the photos on the shooting day, which means the property will be photographed "as found", as long there is no additional agreement set for stagin your property. 

If you for unable to stage the property by yourself, like you are located out of Thailand. I can arrange to set up your condominium for an additional fee. Please contact me to discuss details. 

Property Photography Pattaya

Property Photography

Service In Pattaya


I can always ensure that your property photos are technically sound. I process my images in such a way, that the slightest distractions like cables, phone lines, and unwanted glares are cloned out of the image. My professionally captured and crafted property photography is a powerful marketing tool to promote your rental business in Pattaya and stay ahead of your competitors.

Real estate photography of a office room at The Windshell condominium in Bangkok, Thailand.

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